Sara Kapadia


I am excited to be taking part in Pitch Wars this year! (Learn more at My writing reflects my experiences as a scholar and an artist. Using visual imagery to paint with words I create vivid backdrops for my characters. I carry out intensive research to build the narrative with authentic details.

Born and raised in London to South Asian parents, I now live in Los Angeles with my husband and two cats who behave like dogs. I am part of a writing group called 'Writer's Blok'. One my favorite aspects of travel is hearing the stories people share about their surroundings. I enjoy taking photos (like the 3 above) and collecting artifiacts which often turn up in my fictional stories. I am fascinated by how shifting borders, hertiage and visual cues inform how we see ourselves.


My novel is a dramatic multicultural adventure set across Italy, India and the US. My logical, grounded protagonist Mona is tormented by bizarre visions of crows that seem to have a message about her childhood. A startling discovery causes the unraveling of a complicated family saga. Mona turns to the very crows that are pestering her, and she pursues the truth about her early years. Her journey to a foreign place inspires an inner journey where she explores the roots of who she truly is.



Enthusiastic and keen to learn, I am a bit of a nerd (actually a big goofy nerd)! My colorful life is filled with cultural clashes and complex family histories and provides inspiration for my writing. I love quirky characters with fascinating habits. Speaking of habits, one of mine is to take all criticism well. I truly enjoy feedback, which is probably why I chose to stay in grad school for so many years. I am passionate about being a writer and ready to cultivate the seeds of my creativity!